Friday, October 28, 2016

Blog Post 3

The case study I have decided to investigate is the division of votes within the Republican Party, which is predominately Christian. Based on past voting history, people of the Christian faith tend to vote for the republican nominee. This election, however, there has been noticeable split within the Republican Party and specifically the Christian voters. I want to know if this split is occurring because of how media is portraying Christianity and trump or if its based on other factors. The two memes I have decided to investigate this week consist of condescending Wonka and a picture of Donald Trump with quotes regarding him as “The Christian Beloved”. With regards to the fist meme, Condescending Wonka, I would consider this a blending narrative. I believe it is bridging because the ideas expressed in this meme come from offline discourse, and placed on an online picture (aka Wonka). Therefore the offline discourse is interconnected onto the online narrative. It comes to the conclusion that Christianity and Trump are contradictory and condescending. The ideas expressed in this meme are drawn from the offline perspective Christianity and Republican party. The ideas, language and theme of this meme are mostly negative and poke fun of the opposing views of the Christian faith and their political beliefs. I would also consider the second meme a bridging meme. I believe it is bridging, mainly because the picture is taken at an offline event, and isn’t the product of the online. Both the picture and the narrative are the picture are from offline discourse but have been brought into the online sphere through this meme. The ideas of this meme are similar to the Wonka meme. It creates a negative perspective on Trump and his personal faith in Christianity. Most of the memes I have looked at with regards towards trump and Christianity have been negative. The majority of the memes create the idea that Christianity is contradictory and that Trump doesn’t fit the Christian mold as the Republican Nominee.

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