Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blog Post 2 
My specific case study involves medias portrayal of Christianity through the Republican Candidate Donald Trump.  Christianity within the media is portrayed as contradictory, especially within the beliefs and policies of the Republican Party. Based on the memes I have selected people would interpret that Christianity is a religion of not only evangelism and serving others. For example, the republican Jesus and the condescending Wonka memes both target how Christianity’s core beliefs and traits don’t align with their policies or what they support. They interpret Christianity as being hypocritical. Almost like they talk the talk but don’t live out what they believe. The identity of people associated with this belief could be described as striving to do right despite societies beliefs; whereas the perspective from someone outside this religion would describe the Christian identity as insensitive or selfish. For example, Christians who vote pro- life would consider abortion as murder and therefor wrong. However, those associated outside Christianity, support pro- choice and don’t view abortion as murder. They believe that it should be the women’s choice and that it would be insensitive to think differently.  It is difficult to present the complex religion of Christianity in societies perspective. Many don’t and can’t understand the reason behind republican’s choices of pro-life and pro tax cuts.  The media in my opinion hasn’t done a good job at portraying the Christina identity and unfortunately Trump hasn’t represented it well either. The challenges that Christianity face with media and the Internet is that it is constantly under attack for every wrong move or action without much grace.

By: Sarah Nelson 


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