Thursday, October 20, 2016

Paper 2 Proposal and Abstract
By: Sarah Nelson

            Many candidates in the beginning of the election openly expressed their personal religion and specifically Christian values.  From Ben Carson to Ted Cruz and now for the republican nominee Donald Trump, these political figures have been open about expressing their faith and how their faith is inspiring them to be strong, moral leaders. However as the election has narrowed down to two candidates, we see how religion is either helping or hurting their campaign, specifically Donald Trump. For instance, Donald has stated many times how his is a believer. He openly reads scripture and talks about his christian religion and upbringing. This case study will investigate how media is portraying Donalds religious beliefs and life. This election has had a split within the Republican Party. The Republican Party carries a stereotype of being predominately Christians, however why is the vote for Trump so split. Is it because of the medias portrayal of Trumps religious views? Is it because people believe that the Republican Party doesn’t align with Christian beliefs? Or could it be people are getting offended by electorates outspoken Christianity and evangelism? These are questions that this case study will investigate and research with regards to the relationship of religion, politics and the current election.

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