Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Authority - Blog Post 4

Authority in the christian faith is set up in a hierarchal system. Priest are given authority in regards to people leaders and figures that followers listen to and look up to.  Authority figures within the Christian faith consist of priest of mega churches or famous speakers; such as Joel Osteen, Bob Goff and Todd Wagner are major figures within the Christian faith. Once again both of my memes involve the republican candidates Donald Trump; and how memes portray Christianity through him. The first image, which is the one that says " Trump Pius the First" actually mocks leaders within faith. I would consider this completely online discourse. The picture is obviously made completely online and the narrative is also from online discourse. Once again, we see how media is portraying Donald Trump and therefore Christianity as hypocritical. My second meme is not as related to authority as the first. I chose this meme to show how their is no overall trend among memes of Donald Trump and the correlation with Christianity. In the matters of authority, I personally perceive christianity as being complementary with online discourse. As stated in Professor Campbells notes the internet is used by established leaders to extend offline influence. 

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