Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blog Post 5

The authenticity of Christianity is challenged due to the online culture. Based on the memes collected so far, the digital culture has shaped Christianity as being contradictory and hypocritical. The online culture is quick to shame those who claim to be religious but still support Trump. Online discourse challenges Christianity and why they would not only support a candidate like trump but in whole be for the Republican Party. The Christian faith is founded on values such as giving, love, acceptance, evangelism, service etc.  The two memes collected this week continue to question the authenticity of Trumps representation of Christianity. Trumps actions are broken away from what Christianity is. Because his character doesn’t reflect the values of Christianity, the media has a misconception of the faith. The first meme calls upon Trumps Christianity in a sarcastic manner; calling out the hypocrisy of how donalds actions don’t align with Christian beliefs. This image challenges the offline identity of Christianity. It falsely labels each part of the picture to condemn Trump and almost Christianity. The second meme calls out the supporters of Trump. Claiming that the supporters praise Trump and degrade true Christians. However, in reality many of his supporters support his political ideologies and not religious ideologies. This is another area where the media has misrepresented Trump and his followers. Based on the memes and images collected thus far it could be assumed that with this topic the online and offline contexts are broken- away. Many of the images with the quotes are taken out of context and used to portray negative values. Such as Beliefs and statements that are false or incomplete from the true identity of Christianity.

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